• (1.) I WILL act to protect FAMILY BUDGETS

  • (2.) And I WILL be with YOU in TOUGH TIMES

  • (3.) I WILL Reform the NYPD

  • (4.) By re-arranging SPACE I will override ZONING LAWS Deploy SMART Technology and GREEN ENERGY - way of the FUTURE!

  • (5.) Your PETS are CHOKING all over CENTRAL PARK! Say NO to NYLON BAGS! Take better CARE dispose your WASTES responsibly.

  • (6.) I WILL reform the COURTS and WILL overhaul the CITY of New York's CRIMINAL JUSTICE system

  • (7.) Courtesy of my GRAND FATHER CLAUSE, I WILL make all IMMIGRANTS residing in the CITY of NEW YORK my guests - "the MAYOR'S GUEST"

  • (8.) The NRA was conceived and born in NEW YORK by native New Yorkers. 2nd AMENDMENT ESSAYS & EDUCATION for all in the city of NEW YORK will therefore be a MUST.

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As Mayor

I promise a "total reform" of the NYPD! I will work for New Yorkers to bring the NYPD into the 21st century. Time to put an end to a practise that treat New Yorkers in all the five boroughs as if living in the Jewish gettho of the Venetian republic.

Stop and frisk or "Terry stop" is unconstitutional! And since more than 40% city residents are immigrants, it is my duty as Mayor to offer equal protection to citizens and non-citizens under the law. I will therefore issue special cards with the 4th, the 5th and the 14th amendment printed on it for all New York city residents' ID's. 

Blue collar crime is more damaging to the city than petty crimes. I will leave no stone unturned tackling these high minded crimes, cyber crimes and other forms of crimes and criminal activities in all the five boroughs and the tri-states. 

I will reform the Courts and our criminal justice system. Fast, effective, direct and equal access to justice can only be made possible in New York city, if we free our legal executives, Judges and the courts from being choked to submission by the ever present and over bearing footprints of our law enforcement officers.

As Mayor, I will set up an independent force to patrol and provide security for the courts, the Judges and prosecuting attorneys' where and when needed. I will re-organize how evidences and facts are handled, checked and presented in our Courts. And will do away with Jury duty - let qualified Judges and those who have been properly trained do their jobs as laid down by the Constitution. 

I will put a cap on rent hike and property tax. Why? It is one of many ways to create a sustainable economy and create jobs for New Yorkers. It is also the best way to bring back research institutes, educational facilities and businesses into city properties. New York city has more than a million empty "inner city" building and "dwelling" spaces, compared to less than a million homeless souls on the street and in shelters. It is bad habit for a Mayor to keep up the practice of granting "credits" to landlords - if they plan to keep their properties empty. I will put an end to this bad governance.

I will therefore enable affordable housing development by adjusting zone and spatial arrangements in all the five boroughs – so developers and landlords could either build upwards or build grand basement dwellings. And for security sake, I will make special provisions for digging deep and building basement dwellings throughout the city, because it is the best way to protect the city from EMP attack.

I will tackle obesity, solid waste management, carbon footprint and set up a Children’s Cabinet in the City hall, as way to boost prekindergarten education in all the five boroughs.

The right to bear arms and open carry is an unalienable right. It is a natural law that should never have been denied anyone who lives in the city of New York. I will bring it back. 

It is imperative for New Yorkers' to learn to recognize and defend the 2nd Amendment. And if I have free NRA membership to give away on my campaign trails, I will certainly do it. Guess what! It is going to be my way of saying, "Hey, Bloomberg and city officials have criminalized the Bills of Rights for so long. Time to stand your ground, push back, end this naked, fashionable, unconstitutional and un-American practice". 

Through a reformed healthcare/insurance system, I will reform the nature of our paychecks, deductibles and tax contributions. I will grant maternity leave to pregnant women and will work to improve Women and Children healthcare issues - with special attention given to those areas that affects single, un-married and separated parents the most. 

Not only will I use this single-payer healthcare/insurance system as a means to act to protect FAMILY BUDGETS, I will also use it to make life and living easier for retirees and all aging parents - who have given the best of their lives to the City.

New Yorkers' I will be with you in TOUGH TIMES.

Please keep all these points in your online folder and do not hesitate to remind me if as Mayor elected, I fail to live up to any of these promises.