A right to bear ARMS = One AMERICAN right to protect OTHERS from TERRORISTS

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We the PILGRIMS Alliance Party of the United States (La Alianza de Peregrinos de los Estados Unidos) are the youngest third option political party in America. We are the most progressive and the most inclusive in body, in form and in spirit. And we shall remain so, because we enjoy the challenge of moving the government forward from where we are now. And as PALs’, we shall make government work.

We shall build, rebuild, develop and defend this land - our nation, and others who join with us to encourage commerce, to educate children, to promote equal opportunity, to advance science and industry, to support the arts and humanities, to restore the land, to develop and conserve our human and natural resources, to preserve and to enhance our infrastructures, our built environment, to relieve poverty and to explore space and beyond.

We recognize we have a set of difficult and vital goals ahead and we shall face it boldly, as fortune favors the bold and the fearless. We shall use government as a force for good and a source of hope. At the heart of our party lies a fundamental conviction, that Americans must not only be free, but they must live in a fair society. We believe it is the responsibility of government to help us achieve this fair society.

a society where the elderly and the disabled can lead lives of dignity and where Social Security remains an unshakable commitment;

  • a society where all people can find jobs in a growing full-employment economy;

  • a society where all workers are guaranteed without question the legal right to join unions of their own

    choosing and to bargain collectively for decent wages and conditions of employment;

  • a society where taxes are clearly based on ability to pay;

  • a society where the equal rights of women are guaranteed in the Constitution;

  • a society where the Constitutional rights and the civil rights of minorities are fully secured, and where

    no one is denied their natural rights and the opportunity for a better life;

  • a society where both public and private discrimination based upon race, sex, age, color, creed,

    national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, philosophical persuasion or physical disability are condemned and where our government moves aggressively to end such discrimination through lawful means;

  • a society where we recognize that the strengthening of the family and the protection of children are essential to the health of the nation;

  • a society where a sound education, proper nutrition, quality medical care, affordable housing, safe streets and a healthy environment are possible for every citizen;

  • a society where the livelihoods of our family farmers are as stable as the values they instill in the American character;

  • a society where a strong national defense is a common “American” effort, where promoting human rights is a basic value of our foreign policy, and where we ensure that future by ending the nuclear arms race.

    This is our purpose and a set of promises to be fulfilled.