Children's Cabinet

Establishing a Children's cabinet will give more voice to PreKindergarten initiatives coming out of our diverse community of professional teachers, care givers and parents. 

A Children cabinet in this case will allow two simple things: a robust teacher-led academic learning and a play-based learning style.

Goal at the end of the day is to help facilitate child-initiated investigations and foster social development among peers without impeding self confidence and curiosity.

At the end of the day, we would have stopped rote learning and our Pre-K ed. and other initiatives would have been taken out and away from the hands of developers and Wall street managers.

We would also have managed to set our Kids and their preK ed. apart from being jumbled up with Youth development, Families, Aging and Retiree programs. 

There is a huge difference between the needs of a kid, a high schooler, a college age student, a family, and a retiree.

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