Below is a list of all available job opportunities with the PILGRIMS Alliance Party, ReBuildUSAtoday and SmithieForMayorNYC. Unless otherwise noted, please send resume and cover letter to smithie@rebuildusa.today

Summer 2017 Interns:

Campaign Manager 2017:

Campaign and Party IT manager:

Finance Director:

Field Representative:

Field Data Manager:

Regional Co-ordinators:

Media rep:


Potential Candidates for Federal, Regional, State, City and Local offices: 

Join our VETERANS4CONGRESS program: Are you a Veteran, a Sergeant, a Master Sergeant or a proud possessor of a Presidential Warrant? If so, step forward, sign up to run for Congress or sponsor other Veterans running for office. Still not sure, then join The PILGRIMS Alliance Party (PAL) and RebuildUSA.today or nominate to support a Veteran for Congress on our ticket.