Reform NYPD

The organizational structure of the NYPD must be brought up to par with standards of the 21st century. So is operational standards, training, equipments, data uplink and manners of policing our streets. 

Nepotism will be actively weeded out of the force. It is a bad recruitment practice that not only affect admin, courtesy and professionalism, it is also against the constitution. 
It is against the oath of allegiance, the oath of supremacy, the city's local ordinance and it's charter from 1634 to 1855, till now.

So, if elected Mayor , I will by pass elected city official and city wide community board members - by enacting a statutory tool to legislatively start a reform of the NYPD.

In the manner of the "Chiltern Hundreds" my watch word will be "Police as a service, not as a force." And first of many things on my list is a robust public housing and dwelling credit(s) for the NYPD.

This is just a brief insight into my list of do's to reform the NYPD.

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