Sustainable Economy

Tax and Resources

New York city Mayors have always inherit a crazy tax system that benefits the state in Albany more than New Yorks. As Mayor, my first job is to stand up to swell the pockets of the middle class, property owners and every working New Yorkers. 

Albany extracts too much from New York city through our ports, through the MTA and through our correctional facilities, to say the least. Our correctional facilities is full of petty offenders, that are heavily punished for petty crimes. 

In my opinion, keeping them locked up without access to education and societal giudance is costing New York city's tax payers a lot. I will waste no time in addressing this. For New York city to better compete in the 21st century, we need to find a way to equip these human resources for 21st century market economy.

Family Budgets

One of the many ways to protect FAMILY BUDGETS in a city like New York is through a reformed healthcare/insurance system. And the first step towards achieving this goal is to:

  • reform the nature of our paychecks, deductibles and tax contributions.

Doing so will make life and living easier for working parents, retirees and all aging city veterans’ - who have and still are giving the best part of their lives to the City.

Through a paycheck reform alone,

  • I will be able to create a single-payer “bucket” system that will protect working families from perceived raid on their tax credits.
  • The well-founded fear of granting pension-tax break/credits to certain individuals earning above a certain pay grade might even become a thing of the past, if certain rules are kept to.
  • I will then have enough to grant maternity leave to pregnant women.
  • Work to improve Women and Children healthcare issues - with special attention given to those areas that affects single, un-married and separated parents the most.


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